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Premium material handling components to set up heavy-duty conveyors

In support of heavy industry by providing specifically designed bulk material handling components

Within the wide-ranging expertise of Rulmeca in the design and manufacturing of material handling components for conveyors, transportation of bulk materials has been the starting business it focused on. Now most industries rely on modern conveyor systems to improve their working lines and increase productivity.

Bulk materials are dry solid substances which are typically found in powder, granular or lumpy forms. Coal and minerals, salt and sugar, sand and gravel, cement and stones are just some of the main bulk materials industries deal with. Many industrial processes involve such materials that need to be properly handled and moved between different working areas.

The composition of bulk materials is typically corrosive and abrasive. Over time, this can lead to impact damage and wear to both single components and the whole conveyor system. In addition, according to the application, specific critical environmental conditions can further influence the performance. Therefore, when it comes to bulk applications, reliable, resistant and safe material handling components are needed to move heavy loads and withstand any possible cause of wear.

Rulmeca production counts a complete range of material handling components to set up and drive conveyors for the most demanding operating requirements. Thanks to an engineered design and high-quality materials, our solutions can overcome aggressive conditions like corrosion, humidity, high or low temperatures and always ensure a continuous, efficient and safe performance.


Rulmeca production counts a complete and premium selection of belt conveyors parts: rollers, pulleys, support stations and accessories.



Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys are compact, hermetically sealed, highly efficient conveyor drive units for bulk applications.


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