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Conveyor belt cleaning systems are considered more intensely these days, since they reduce the maintenance services on conveyors handling wet or sticky material and they allow higher or maximum productivity.
There are several types of cleaning equipment. The most used for ease of application are those with scraper blades mounted on rubber flexible supports.

Conveyor covers have primary importance when it is necessary to protect the material conveyed from bad weather conditions and therefore improve the functionality of the plant but importantly, to protect the environment from possible polluting elements due to the dispersion of dust in respect of the latest health and safety regulations in force.
Impact bars
Impact bars are used at the loading point of the conveyor under the hopper.


Belt cleaners

The cleaning equipment is used to assure the general plant efficiency and to reduce the periods of service needed for maintenance.


PU Scrapers

Rulmeca scrapers with blades in Polyurethane



The covers are used to protect the conveyed materials and to avoid the dispersion of powders.


Impact bars

The impact bars are used to prevent damage to the belt at the loading points, to keep the belt stable and to avoid the spillage of the conveyed materi (...)


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