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LMGroup was born as a company dedicated to the service and development of equipment for industrial automation.


Manufacturing, Packaging and Automation
Lopez Montero automatismos S.L.U.



Conveying material

Logistic, automation, robotics
  • Project nameLopez Montero automatismos S.L.U.
  • Project locationSpain
  • Customer typeOEM
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LMGroup was born as a company dedicated to the service and development of equipment for industrial automation, providing technical and innovative solutions and growth to its activity and modernization. LMGroup stands out for the high quality and recognition of the products, for the constancy in innovative research and for the efficient after-sales service. LMGroup services range from the design and planning of the solution to the after-sales service and reengineering, which they develop together with the customer.



Conveyors, are machinery dedicated to the transport of the parcel, or sorting. Their use is of great value in different parts of the supply chain, such as the induction area, picking area, end of lines, etc. The packages can be directed manually or by means of laser code readings which, supported by pop ups or transfers, will induce them to their final destination, either for storage or for their commercial exit and distribution. Due to its modularity, its installation is very flexible and generates production rhythms that result in an efficiency which translates into a generalised cost reduction. They also add value to the safety of employees due to less exposure to overexertion, thus avoiding accidents at work.


The possibilities of conveyors in Smart Logistics are extensive. Their main function is to speed up sorting at different points in the supply chain. Their modularity provides the benefit of adapting to multiple solutions that optimise production and increase the efficiency of the installations that contain them, hence the exponential growth and extension of their use in industry in recent times. In addition, conveyors, whether roller conveyors, belt conveyors or sorters, are a very suitable tool to work together with robotic arms, collaborative robots, etc...

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