Tormets Oy (Finland)

Project for Metso Minerals Ab (Sweden), end customer Boliden Ab in Aitik (Sweden)


Mining, Coal and Lignite
Tormets Oy



Conveying material

Copper ore
  • Project nameTormets Oy
  • Project locationSweden
  • Customer typeEnd User
  • Customer


Tormets Oy (Finland)

Project for Metso Minerals Ab (Sweden), end customer Boliden Ab in Aitik (Sweden)

Conveying material copper ore

Conveyors 2 pcs

  • belt width 2000mm and 2200mm



  1. Pulleys, 7 pcs,

Technical details:

  • lagging, PT100, SKF bearings


UTN 1000*2400/2900-300, d200mm, 1 pc
UTN 800*2400/2800-250, d200mm, 3 pcs
ATN 1000*2400/2900-360, d200mm, 1pce
ATN 1250*2200/2900-600, d340mm, 1pce
UTN 400*2200/2410-50, d135mm, 1pce


  1. PSV7 rollers and return rollers, 690 pcs

PSV/7-FHD.40Y(32x12).159J.678 SKF, 380 pcs
PSV/7-FHD.40Y(32x12).194J.1108 SKF, 74 pcs
PSV/7-FHD.40Y(32x12).159J.758 SKF, 176 pcs
PSV/7-FHD.40Y(32x12).180NC.1258 SKF, 40 pcs
PSV/7-FHD.40Y(32x12).194J.1258 SKF, 8 pcs
PSV/7-FHD.40K(6m6) Y(32x12).159J.758 SKF, bolt &nut, 8 pcs
PSV/G3 FCD 30M24x40 133J 150, 4 pcs


  1. HDR DSK rollers, 280 pcs

HDR DSK 51 194N 958 - 6310 SKF, 242 pcs
HDR DSK 51Y-S 133/194NA 958 - 6310 SKF, 36 pcs
HDR DSK 51Y 194N 958 - 6310 SKF, bolt &nut, 4 pcs


  1. return transoms, 67 pcs

R2S 1/8E, 2000, F32,Z, 37 pcs
3roll off set6-45deg, BW2000, 2 pcs
R2S 1/8F, 2200, Y32, Z , 20 pcs
3roll off set,6-45deg, BW2200, 8 pcs

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