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Nord Gabon floating transfer station project

Sammi is specialized in design and manufacturing of solutions and systems for bulk material handling in Italy and abroad.


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Manganese, Bauxite, Iron ore, Coal
  • Project nameSAMMI S.r.l.
  • Project locationItaly
  • Customer typeOem
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Design and construction of a turn-key system installed on a Floating Trasfer Station to handle dry bulk materials. The handling solution consists of n.2 receiving hoppers (fed by two grab cranes), respectively, placed on FTS port side.From each of the two hoppers, the product is extracted by means of n.2 belt feeders (1500 t/h capacity each) and conveyed into a collecting belt conveyor (2500 t/h capacity) placed longitudinally on FTS port side and, from here, onto across belt conveyor (2500 t/h capacity) installed at the FTS stern. Then, the material is conveyed to a longitudinal conveyor (2500 t/h capacity) installed onthe FTS starboard side, which transfers the material to a shiploader boom conveyor (2500 t/h capacity) fitted on the FTS starboard side. All shiploader functions including, but not limited to: boom luffing, boom slewing, shuttle extraction, discharge chute rotation and trim, dozer winch. Belt feeders have provision (i.e. support beams bolted type) for the future installation of load cells in order to monitor the product flow extracted from each hopper. On first belt conveyor a belt scale is installed for the purpose of monitoring of material flow.The operation of conveyor system is done from a cargo control room located inthe wheelhouse on the bridge deck. All equipment (constituting the conveyor system) have the possibility to be operated from a main pulpit included in cargocontrol room or from a local control station close to the drive unit for maintenance purpose.


Possibility of installing high-performance solutions for heavy duty application in extreme environmental aggressiveness.



The collaboration with Rulmeca gave to the customer the possibility to choose among a wide range of products to find the best that suits its needs.

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