Rulmeca Group standard Bulk Handling rollers/Idlers suitable for all Bulk handling applications. Shaft diameter: from 20 to 40 mm - tube diameter: from 63 to 194 mm. Applications: mines, quarries, cement works, coal-fired power plant and dock installations.

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Rollers PSV are particularly suited to conveyors that operate in very difficult conditions, where working loads are high, and large lump size material is conveyed; and yet, despite these characteristics, they require minimal maintenance.
Typical types of application are: mines, caves, cement works, coal-fired electric utilities and dock installations.
The effectiveness of the PSV roller sealing system provides the solution to the environmental challenges of dust, dirt, water, low and high temperatures or applications where there is a large temperature imbalance between day and night.
The working temperature, with standard greased components is defined as between -20°C and + 100°C.
It is possible to reach temperatures outside of this range using special grease, bearings and seals.

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