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Mining, Coal and Lignite Material handling components ideal for mining applications that require flexibility while guaranteeing durability and safety during transportation.

Our material handling components for mining conveyor systems

Resistant belt conveyor parts to handle minerals and combustible materials

Rulmeca has always been a leading figure in the design and manufacturing of bulk material handling components. Our wide range of products includes rollers, transoms, pulleys, motorized pulleys, covers, cleaners and other accessories to set up belt conveyors. Thanks to its competence, our company provides reliable support and can recommend the product most suited to the specific application.

Among possible fields, Rulmeca bulk handling solutions are ideal to assemble mining conveyor systems. Rulmeca material handling components are used at every stage of this application: from the initial dig and transportation of any type of materials from the extraction point to the production of refined market-ready materials and all the intermediate steps required.

While the design for each project is highly specific, material handling components are the elements that make a difference in mining conveyor belts. Strong, safe and reliable parts are required to support heavy loads and resist to wear, due to the various conditions of materials and environment. The quality and durability of the design and materials of Rulmeca products guarantee full efficiency and functionality in mining critical environments. They can be used for any conveyor belt that requires the transportation of heavy and abrasive materials (coal, lignite, gold, copper and so on) and in any range of temperatures, both for underground and open-air extraction.

Therefore, Rulmeca is now a reliable partner for the updating or modernizing of production lines as required in many industrial sectors. Indeed, the growing demand for raw materials combined with systems offering ever-higher levels of performance require increasingly flexible handling. To this end, the use of conveyor belts is undoubtedly the fastest, most practical and economic solution.

related products

Heavy Duty Conveyor Rollers - PSV

PSV rollers represent the highest quality and load capacity heavy-duty conveyor rollers among Rulmeca’s components for bulk handling applications.


HDPE Roller - Supreme

Anti-buildup and corrosion resistant HDPE roller for medium and heavy-duty applications.


Motorized Pulley 630M & 630H

Motorized Pulley diameter 630 mm - Length min. RL 750 mm and power between 5.5 and 55.0 kW. Meant for heavy applications with tough, irregular, extrem (...)


Motorized Pulley 800M, 800H & 800HD

Motorized Pulley diameter 800 mm - Length min. RL 950 mm and power between 22.0 and 132.0 kW. Meant for heavy duty applications with toughest, irregul (...)


Motorized Pulley 1000H & 1000HD

Highly developed reliable and strong drive with an outstanding power range of 160 – 250 kW.


Pipe conveyor brackets

The Pipe Conveyor is open as a conventional belt conveyor, then it closes up into a pipe shape containing the conveyed material and returns to open at (...)


Extra Heavy Duty Conveyor Rollers – DSK

Heavy-duty conveyor rollers designed for open mining applications and therefore compatible with any harsh bulk material handling.


PU Scrapers

Rulmeca scrapers with blades in Polyurethane


Return self-cleaning rollers with helical rubber rings

Return rollers employed to reduce the deposit of material by operating on the surface of the dirty side of the belt in order to support the belt when (...)


Impact rollers with rubber rings

Impact rollers consist of the basic steel PSV rollers design, on which are fitted rings, designed to resist and absorb the pressure given by the impac (...)


Guide Rollers for Conveyor

Rulmeca designs and manufactures guide rollers for conveyors to limit the possible side-slip of the belt and keep its alignment.


Belt tracking roller

The belt tracking roller responds instantly to the misalignment of the belt


Pulleys (machined end discs)

Drive pulleys ATN-ATS - Idler pulleys UTN-UTS-UTI


Impact bars

Due to a shock-absorbing design, impact bars safeguard belt condition and lifespan during heavy-duty materials loading.



The covers are used to protect the conveyed materials and to avoid the dispersion of powders.


Suspended sets

Garland suspended sets used in applications like mining for the conveying of large lump size material.


Self-centering sets

The self-centering troughing sets are used for correcting the belt tracking and maintain it constantly in central position.


Return sets

Sets used for sustaining the empty belt in the return section.


Upper carrying troughing belt conveyor idlers

Flat and troughing belt conveyor idlers designed for sustaining the belt on material loading and handling sections.



Support brackets in cold pressed sheet steel.


Motorized Pulleys 400M & 400H

Motorized pulleys with 400mm diameter, length min. RL of 550mm and power between 2.2. and 15.0kW.


Motorized Pulleys 500H

Motorized pulleys with 500mm diameter, length min. RL of 600 mm and power between 2.2 to 30.0kW.

Success stories

Re-design of conveyor drive station

At the beginning of the year Rulmeca was asked to supply idler garlands and idlers for a new drive station at MIBRAG Lignite mine "Vereinigtes Schleenhain" Germany.

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DSI sandwich belt high angle conveyor

The conveyor drive area of the Sandwich Belt high angle conveyor is restricted.

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Cintasa - design and manufactureof conveyors systems

The main activity of Cintasa centres in the engineering, production andinstallation of handling, transport and warehousing element systems.

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New heap leach conveyor extension project

Synergy International FZE turned to Rulmeca to select the components necessary for the construction of a conveyor belt to transport the gold rocks from the Ma'den mine (United Arab Emirates) to the leaching area.

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Customers in Thailand rely on proven products

The long-term relationships of RULMECA to the owner of the opencast mine as well as to the service provider for the overburden excavation and the associated very good experiences with RULMECA products made SAHAKOL easy to make the decision.

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Westmoreland coal mine

Coal mines and thermal power plants have used Rulmeca Motorized Pulley conveyor belt drives for more than 60 years.

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Excavator Schleenhain opencast mine

Rulmeca Germany, together with the customer MIBRAG, has developed a concept of how energy efficiency can be increased by using a drum motor and noise emissions can be reduced.

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Cold rollers for cool calculators

Tests carried out by Chilean conveyor technology specialist Tecnología en Transporte (TTM) have shown that precision rollers from German manufacturer Rulmeca are much better suited for heavy-duty conveyors.

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Tormets Oy (Finland)

Project for Metso Minerals Ab (Sweden), end customer Boliden Ab in Aitik (Sweden)

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USA various projects

Some of the US customers who have relied on Rulmeca.

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