Troughing sets for bulk handling

In a belt conveyor one may identify two types of troughing sets: the upper carrying sets, that have the function to support the loaded sections of the belt and to move the material; and the lower sets that support the unloaded belt on its return section.

The upper troughing sets may basically be in two arrangements: flat, with a single horizontal roller generally supported by two fixed brackets from the conveyor structure; troughed, generally with 3 rollers supported within a frame which is itself fixed to the conveyor structure.

There may be then, in the loaded sections, impact troughing sets that have rollers with rubber rings or suspended “garland” sets.


Upper carrying troughing set

Troughing sets used for sustaining the belt on the loaded section and the section where it is loaded with material.



Support brackets in cold pressed sheet steel.


Return sets

Sets used for sustaining the empty belt in the return section.


Self-centralising sets

The self-centralising troughing sets are used for correcting the belt tracking and maintain it constantly in central position.


Cantilevered sets

Stations designed for the use on light or medium load capacity belt conveyors with small lump size material.


Suspended sets

Garland suspended sets used in applications like mining for the conveying of large lump size material.


Pipe conveyor brackets

The Pipe Conveyor is open as a conventional belt conveyor, then it closes up into a pipe shape containing the conveyed material and returns to open at (...)

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