Retrofit of cement conveyor with high-performance rollers from Rulmeca

The Oman Cement Company (OCC) SAOG, Muscat, Oman, had to upgrade the performance of its 30-year-old conveyor, which transports hot cement powder from the cement mill to the silo, from 150 tph to 250 tph.


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  • Project nameOman Cement Company (OCC) SAOG
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The Oman Cement Company (OCC) SAOG, Muscat, Oman, had to upgrade the performance of its 30-year-old conveyor, which transports hot cement powder from the cement mill to the silo, from 150 tph to 250 tph. The implementation of this 66 percent increase in capacity via a retrofit of the existing conveyor (with a horizontal length of 255 m and a vertical stroke of almost 44 m) was enabled with the use of high-performance rollers from Rulmeca. The challenge was to increase throughput via a retrofit at minimum investment cost.



For such large conveyors such as OCC's Rulmeca provided a very wide variety of components which are precisely matched to the particular conveying task. In detail the following components from Rulmeca's bulk material transportation belt roller range in the design of the OCC conveyor were used.

  • PSV1 series rollers (20F, 108N, 323) with a pitch of 1.3 m are used on the carrying side. PSV2 series rollers (25F, 108N, 958) with a 3 m pitch are used on the return side. Both product series are specially designed for heavy-duty continuous operation under high workloads and are characterized by smooth running and minimal maintenance requirements. The rollers of the PSV2 series are designed for higher loads.
  • For better damping of the belt at the loading point, so-called loading rollers (PSV1,20F,63/108NA,323) have also been fitted. These shockabsorbing rollers are fitted with rings designed to absorb the impulse generated by the impact of the material on the belt.
  • On the return side, tape guide rollers of model SG080-30-800-958 are now positioned at three strategic locations. They serve to correct possible belt skew in the return direction and are characterised by the fact that they can centre themselves.
  • On the carrying side, self-centralising troughing sets with a braking effect (P3SF/70 F14 108 H155) were also applied every 25m: in the event that the belt is misaligned, the self-centralising rotation of the troughing sets guides the belt back to the centre. In addition to these moving parts, Synergy International FZE has also used Rulmeca conveyor roller accessories, thus ensuring the provision of virtually all components from a single source:
  • A3P1 series transoms (5A-F14- 108 H155 Z) are used for smooth belt transition from 10 to 20 and from 30 to 35 degrees of trough angle.
  • SPT series supports (1478 H70 Z) are used on the return side.
  • A primary cleaner (HM-800) and a secondary cleaner (P-800) achieve almost 100% cleaning efficiency at the conveyor’s head. A plough cleaner (VLP-800) is also used for rear cleaning. Rulmeca also provided corresponding CAD data for its entire range. This allowed the OEM Synergy International FZE to provide OCC with a complete package in which all components in use were comprehensively coordinated with each other.



Rulmeca's high-performance idlers are crucial for reliable long-term operation of such large conveyors with increased throughput.
Compared to simple rollers of inferior quality, they run much more smoothly, and this reduces thermal stress.
In addition, they also contribute significantly to lowering overall ownership costs.
This is because they have a much longer service life than simple lower-quality rollers, and they also ensure the high reliability of the entire system due to their lower failure rate.
These quality products are manufactured from precision-turned components.
Especially hardened steels and other alloys ensure that the conveyor belt rollers function optimally over a long period of time and under the toughest conditions.
Various protective measures for the bearings and minimal concentricity tolerances are paramount for the longevity of the bulk material conveyor rollers. Rulmeca achieves maximum precision by balancing each individual roller. It is understandable that this has its price.
This investment in quality is all the more worthwhile given the higher speed and greater length of the belt.

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