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Bassetti reached this target thanks to a system carried out by Cinetic Sorting Systems with the use of Rulmeca components.


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  • Project nameBassetti
  • Project locationItaly
  • Customer typeEnd User
  • Customer websitewww.bassetti.com


The Bassetti Group is a textile manufacturing Company known globally which products are directed through large distribution outlets and also to specialized shops.

The demands of this wide market required a renovation of their process plants. The Company wanted to improve the speed and the flexibility of their logistic system for the order creation, the shipping and the distribution to the sales points.

In order to reach this target Bassetti built a highly innovative logistic system with the use of sophisticated handling technologies for their product sorting, order creation, packaging and shipping as well as computer management of these procedures.

The project idea was to make a system not only for the warehousing but also to be able to facilitate the distribution operations with particular attention to flexibility and supply quality (system of order creation, automatic packaging, sorting, shipping etc).


The sorting system was designed and carried out by Cinetic Sorting Systems in Lonate Pozzolo (Va), a highly innovative company for engineering solutions in the handling of goods and parcels. Rulli Rulmeca SPA provided the supply of components for the Accumulation lines, groups of components for gravity lines with Drive rollers for the controlled advancement of stations for packaging and the sorting and the recovery of containers.

The core of the logistic system is based on the use of a machine; SBIR CML model 1L-1/W for the order creation and a machine; TRISORT CML model 800 for the shipping of packages and of a totally automatic handling system for the functions of removal of full containers, their transport to a remote area for the packaging and the following recycling of the empties.


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