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Unit Handling Pulleys

Pulleys for unit handling applications

Unit Handling Pulleys

  • High quality structural steel tube
  • Stub axles, best stress and wear solution at the lowest overall weight
  • Shrink fit: utilised to guarantee the highest constructive precision and stress distribution
  • Certified UNI EN ISO 15614
  • Anti-abrasive rubber lagging, according to the severity of the application

Other information about the product

RULMECA pulleys for unit handling applications are life-lasting products for belt driven logistic applications.

These products have been engineered with all the knowledge and knowhow RULMECA group has in terms of performances, precision, technology and durability.

Years of development in welded and un-welded markets permitted RULMECA to reach the highest manufacturing level for these products.

Thanks to our experience we are able to customize the product according to the customer’s needs

High quality structural steel tube*, optimized for external diameter turning. Our pulley can reach the highest level of straightness and roundness, avoiding belt misalignments and keeping a low noise level;

Stub axles*, best stress and wear solution at the lowest overall weight. Low eccentricity and concentricity merged with low roughness are the state of art of Rulmeca production technology;

Shrink fit: utilised to guarantee the highest constructive precision** and stress distribution among all the elements of the structure, every single component is shrink fitted with the others;

Certified UNI EN ISO 15614 automatic weldings with components pre-heating. Rulmeca state of art in welding technology. This process guarantees the lowest level of residual stresses and the complete fusion of welded components;

Anti-abrasive rubber lagging, according to the severity of the application, Rulmeca can supply different type of abrasion resistant rubbers. To increase the traction between the pulley and belt or to extend the life of the pulley there are many available options. Lagging is common and the choices are numerous. Materials such as SBR, neoprene, urethane, nitrile and EPDM may be selected to best meet specific chemical or environmental challenges encountered.

*STANDARD MATERIALS (different materials on request)

**STANDARD PRECISION (different precision on request)
TUBE: Ra 6.3| PINS (bearings coupling diameter): h7, Ra 0.8 | ECCENTRICITY (ref. pins / pins and ref. pins/tube): 0.15 mm

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