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Baioni develops plants for soil washing, sediment washing, and solidifi cationstabilization.


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Baioni Crushing Plants spa


  • Project nameBaioni Crushing Plants spa
  • Project locationItaly
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Baioni develops plants for soil washing, sediment washing, and solidifi cationstabilization. In addition, other plants, such as those for treating sweeping waste, find practical applications and are very close to people because the yallow for the remediation of polluted industrial sites and polluted production areas. The Rulmeca brand is recognized for quality and reliability in the crushing, inertization, and soil washing plant sector, both nationally and internationally, where Baioni operate, and is a plus for them in commercial dealings because it is a recognized brand of guarantee, reliability, quality, and also allows for maintenance-free operation over the lifetime of the plant. Regarding everything related to the range that Rulmeca can offer, they have had the opportunity to use all the products, from rollers to scrapers, impact bars, and dust covers, but especially the drum motors, where there is a clear difference in terms of use and quality.



The advantage of using Rulmeca products with high technological content allows Baioni to have competent and timely assistance in every situation that requires it in cases of maintenance or problems on the construction site. With Rulmeca, Baioni have found a significant technical and commercial partnership relationship beyond the simple supply relationship, thanks to the synergy of our technical and commercial departments. Last but not least, the part related to the nature of their work, therefore to soil washing plants, soil decontamination,and the green and environmental aspect that we deal with and that Rulmeca also follows, both in production and the process of its products, which obviously impacts the process and the result of Baioni plants.


In numerous applications of Rulmeca products, Baioni has identified two particular cases where they have found them to be particularly effective. They found themselves in a plant facing a situation with highly acidic environments. Hence, a very high corrosion rate, where a standard galvanized product was not suitable for that sector, and with the use of thermoplastic rollers, Baioni completed the application, and now the plant operates regularly without interruptions. Another brilliant situation that they solved thanks to the intervention of Rulmeca technicians was the application on a mobile machine, where compact environments required them to use extremely small sensors, in this case, integrated into the drum motors, rather than applied externally. The MP allowed Baioni to obtain the application they needed without encumbrances that, for them, had been impossible to navigate.

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