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Motorized Pulleys 320L, 320M & 320H

Motorized pulleys with 320mm diameter, length min. RL of 400 mm and power between 0.75 to 11.0kW.

Motorized Pulleys 320L, 320M & 320H


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Motorized Pulleys 320L, 320M & 320H, Ø320 mm
In order to match specific project requirements of bulk applications, Rulmeca product range includes three types of motorized pulleys in diameter 320mm having different loading performances:

  • L for Light-duty
  • M for Medium-duty
  • H for Heavy-duty

Torque and power differences between these motorized pulleys have to be assessed according to belt tension calculated as T1+T2. It’s crucial that the value does not exceed the maximum permissible radial load. To this end, particular attention must be paid when multiply thick, heavy or large belts are used which may require higher belt tension than admitted.

If none of 320mm diameter configurations is not appropriate for the required belt tension, larger motorized pulleys are available within Rulmeca production.

L for Light-duty

Inner motor/gearbox of motorized pulleys 320L comes from the smaller diameter motorized pulley 220M. They are meant for applications with regular and constant operating conditions.

They are most commonly used in mobile and cross belt conveyors for crushing and screening, whereas they are not recommended for feed conveyors and extractors.

Since, as mentioned above, maximum allowable radial load has to be respected, it’s advisable to cover these motorized pulleys with rubber to increase grip and limit belt tension.

M for Medium-duty

Provided that belt tension has to be always calculated, motorized pulleys 320M allow for a higher maximum radial load. Their components are designed for tough and irregular working conditions typical of crushing and screening applications, asphalt, cement and concrete plants, for example.

H for Heavy-duty

Motorized pulleys 320H are designed to handle heavy and irregular loads in extreme conditions. In particular, they are able to provide the power needed for applications requiring low speeds combined with high power.

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