HDPE roller for mining and aggressive applications.


The SUPREME roller boasts a wide range of superior advantages, features & benefits:

  • Steel tube ensures adequate mechanical strength for heavy duty loads
  • Ultra thick abrasion and corrosion resistant 12mm thick HDPE sleeve
  • HDPE contains carbon black increasing ultra violet resistance
  • Steel and HDPE tube combination provides significantly reduced weight
  • The bearing housing effectively locks the HDPE tube in position preventing movement along the steel tube
  • Minimum “C dimension” decreases load induced shaft deflection
  • Unique large diameter stoneguard with integral labyrinth design minimises possibility of being jammed by spilt material, and provides additional protection from water and dust
  • Multi part labyrinth seal protects the bearing from ingress of contaminants
  • Ultra low running resistance and break away mass reduces power consumption for start up and continuous operation
  • Machined finish ensures LOW run-out, minimizing vibration and noise emission
  • Castellated HDPE tube is a tight interference fit on the steel tube