Anti-corrosion rollers - series PL for belt conveyors handling corrosive materials. Shaft diameter: 20 mm - PVC or steel tube with diameter from 89 to 140 mm.

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Series PL
In conveyors used to transport very corrosive materials and where difficult working conditions prevail: the extraction industries and in the mining of salt, chemical industries, fertiliser manufacture and in marine environments which require corrosion resistant rollers.

These rollers demonstrate particular resistance to the presence of high humidity and water, and also to corrosive elements present in the environment or in the conveyed material itself.

The design of the rollers utilises plastic materials for the most critical parts, which, excellently and economically, substitute for traditional materials such as stainless steel, bronze and aluminium.

Testing and actual plant trials have well demonstrated the efficiency and versatility of these rollers. The characteristics designed into them provide a long working life even in the most severe environment, and
when one considers their low purchasing and maintenance cost, PL rollers provide the ideal solution for severe applications.

The functioning temperatures recommended are:

  • 10° to +50°C for PL rollers
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