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Cement, Quarries and Tunnelling A range of material handling components for belt conveyors in cement plants, designed and manufactured to guarantee reliability and speed.

Our material handling components for belt conveyors in cement plants

Strong belt conveyor parts to move heavy construction materials

Rulmeca has always been a forerunner designer and producer of bulk material handling components. Our offer counts different series of rollers, transoms, pulleys, motorized pulleys, covers, cleaners and other accessories for conveyor systems. They are wide-ranging solutions, able to meet the increasing and changing requirements of industrial sectors like construction and cement industry.

With the increase in population of large cities, there’s an increasing demand for the construction of infrastructure and buildings. Cement industry, including quarries and tunneling, is one of the main activities serving the construction sector. Belt conveyors in cement plants are used as the fastest, most practical, efficient and economical material handling system to transport big quantities of cement, limestone, rocks and similar materials.

To set up heavy-duty belt conveyors for cement industry, it’s fundamental to use reliable quality material handling components. In this application, the management of dust is crucial, as it is the guarantee of continuous operation. Rulmeca material handling components help to keep belt conveyors in cement plants running at full potential at every stage of the production line: raw materials extraction from quarry, material crushing treatment, shipment to the cement plant. The quality of the materials used and the design guarantee full efficiency and functionality, providing the most suitable components according to capacity, type of material transported, weather conditions and speed of each individual system.

related products

Heavy Duty Conveyor Rollers - PSV

PSV rollers represent the highest quality and load capacity heavy-duty conveyor rollers among Rulmeca’s components for bulk handling applications.


Polymer Rollers - TOP

HDPE rollers for light to medium duty applications: a light, strong and eco-friendly solution.


Motorized Pulleys 400M & 400H

Motorized pulleys with 400mm diameter, length min. RL of 550mm and power between 2.2. and 15.0kW.


Motorized Pulleys 500H

Motorized pulleys with 500mm diameter, length min. RL of 600 mm and power between 2.2 to 30.0kW.


Motorized Pulley 630M & 630H

Motorized Pulley diameter 630 mm - Length min. RL 750 mm and power between 5.5 and 55.0 kW. Meant for heavy applications with tough, irregular, extrem (...)


Motorized Pulley 800M, 800H & 800HD

Motorized Pulley diameter 800 mm - Length min. RL 950 mm and power between 22.0 and 132.0 kW. Meant for heavy duty applications with toughest, irregul (...)



Light duty economical rollers.


Belt tracking roller

The belt tracking roller responds instantly to the misalignment of the belt


Impact bars

The impact bars are used to prevent damage to the belt at the loading points, to keep the belt stable and to avoid the spillage of the conveyed materi (...)


Motorized Pulleys 220M & 220H

Motorized pulleys with 220mm diameter, length min. RL of 400mm and power between 0.37 and 5.5kW.


Motorized Pulleys 320L, 320M & 320H

Motorized pulleys with 320mm diameter, length min. RL of 400 mm and power between 0.75 to 11.0kW.



Rollers used in the movement of small or light loads even in medium severe environmental conditions.


Return rollers with rubber rings

These return rollers contribute to eliminating the build-up of material which particularly is present in the belt centre.


Impact rollers with rubber rings

Impact rollers consist of the basic steel PSV rollers design, on which are fitted rings, designed to resist and absorb the pressure given by the impac (...)


HDPE Roller - Supreme

Anti-buildup and corrosion resistant HDPE roller for medium and heavy-duty applications.

Success stories

Retrofit of cement conveyor with high-performance rollers from Rulmeca

The Oman Cement Company (OCC) SAOG, Muscat, Oman, had to upgrade the performance of its 30-year-old conveyor, which transports hot cement powder from the cement mill to the silo, from 150 tph to 250 tph.

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China Resources Cement Project

The longest belt conveyor ever built in Asia: 80 Kms.

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Dual Drive System for Belt Conveyors at Buzzi Unicem USA

Cement plants, shipping terminals, mines and a variety of other bulk materials handling facilities have incorporated Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys into plant upgrades for more than 60 years.

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