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Polyurethane processing and handling system

Production lines and slab stock warehouses for polyurethane.


Distribution Centres and Warehousing
Projetman Macchine



Conveying material

Polyurethane slabs
  • Project nameProjetman Macchine
  • Project locationItaly
  • Customer typeOEM
  • Customer


PROJETMAN Macchine (BG) realizes polyurethane foam service devices, production lines and slab stock warehouses.

In the first half of 2012, as general contractor, they started the realization of a handling system with a total development of 2.5 km, completely automated by a software system that can include many changes within the production needs.


The roller lengths are 2570 mm, and through belts, move the polyurethane slabs at the speed of 1,66 m/s with a load of 80 kg each roller.

All these features required excellent levels of eccentricity.

For this installation we supplied: 5.220 rollers PS/20 20R 89J C=2570

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