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Drum motors for unit handling

Drum motors are the necessary component for belt conveyors to move, basically using the friction between the shell and the underside of the belt. It’s because of this essential role that their selection becomes a critical process in keeping equipment up and running efficiently.

Rulmeca drum motors are the ideal system for the drive of belt conveyors. First, due to the availability of different series of products, Rulmeca drum motors are not only suitable for standard conveyor belts, but for plastic modular belts, thermoplastic positively driven belts and non-belt applications as well. Secondly, they are all characterized by a premium and functional design. Being composed of a motor, bearings and gearbox hermetically enclosed inside the casing, Rulmeca drum motors are partially filled with oil which acts as lubricant and refrigerant to dissipate away the heat through the shell and the belt conveyor. This engineered design results in the main advantages of Rulmeca solutions:

  • reduced energy consumption
  • increased efficiency
  • ease of installation
  • space-saving design
  • designed for the toughest conditions
  • guaranteed for food
  • safety
  • maintenance-free

These features meet the recommended choice in any application of high-quality drum motors for belt conveyors which ensure a great improvement in terms of production, longer working life and reduction of machine downtime during plant’s activities. In any case, the entire range of Rulmeca Drum Motors have a 2 years’ warranty.



Rulmeca production of drum motors for conveyors counts different designs and configurations studied to suit different applications.


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