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XPS – Heavy-duty chain driven roller conveyor

Rollers with P1C –P2C pinion for chain driven roller conveyors for the handling of heavy loads.

XPS – Heavy-duty chain driven roller conveyor

  • High degree of protection from environmental contamination
  • The thickness of the welding is inferior to that of the shell profile
  • Superior load capacity

Other information about the product

XPS series rollers increase Rulmeca PS range which includes handling rollers for heavy loads and severe conditions. Their pinion sprocket design, equipped with single or double sprocket welded to the end of the tube, is meant for chain driven roller conveyors.

As well as crown sprocket designed rollers, XPS rollers can be applied to two chain transmission systems:

  • simple tangential chain version P1C for continuous transmission
  • chain loops version P2C for frequent start and stop cycles

In both cases, the pinion sprocket can ensure a containment of the transmission overall dimensions below the roller plane, preventing the chain from interfering with material handling.

XPS series rollers are fully interchangeable with rollers series 139 and other similar pinion designed rollers. However, in comparison, they stand out for higher reliability and durability in harsh conditions. Their monolithic “UNIBLOC” structure guarantees superior strength and load capacity for chain driven roller conveyors intended to handle heavy loads, as well as items that are either regular or irregular in shape. Also, they have a multi-lip labyrinth sealing system in resistant and anticorrosive thermoplastic material. This protects against environmental contaminants like dirt and moisture, allowing the use of chain driven roller conveyors in harsh conditions.

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