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Rollers for chain driven conveyors 

Chain driven roller conveyor systems consists in a series of rollers, fitted with sprockets, supported by a structure driven by a chain connected to motor. The precise joint between the rollers and the driving element is essential to ensure an efficient and accurate rotation: the chain locks into the sprockets making a high-friction contact which transfers the power to rollers and turn on the system.

Two main transmission systems can power up the rotary movement of chain driven roller conveyors. In conveyors driven by chain loops, transmission passes from roller to roller. Alternatively, with better efficiency, less costs and design constraints then the other one, rollers can be driven by a tangential chain which moves straights and provides a continuous power transmission.

In any case, due to direct transmission from the chain to the rollers, no slippage and excellent traction, chain driven roller conveyor systems are suitable for multiple unit handling applications where pallets and other unit formats need to be transported. They are used for the controlled handling of a great variety of loads, with regular or irregular shapes, with heavy or light unit weights, rugged or fragile, either horizontally or with a light slope. They are used to synchronize automatic transport systems, as slave systems for assembly stations and operating machines, with continuous, step-by-step or accumulating advancing, and for all those applications where idle roller gravity conveying systems are not recommended.


Pinion sprocket driven rollers

Pinion sprocket steel driven rollers P1C - P2C


Crown sprocket driven rollers

Crown sprocket steel driven rollers 1C – 2C



Pinion sprocket rollers P1C – P2C: Polyamide or steel pinion sprockets, steel or PVC tube.


XPS – Heavy-duty chain driven roller conveyor

Rollers with P1C –P2C pinion for chain driven roller conveyors for the handling of heavy loads.



The new driven rollers for pallets handling. Pinion sprocket driven rollers p1c – p2c for heavy unit handling.


Free wheel rollers

Free wheel driven rollers 1RL


138 - 138D and 138R

Pinion sprocket friction rollers P1C-P2C for light and medium loads: Polyamide or steel pinion sprockets, steel or PVC tube.



Heavy double friction rollers.


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