Speed controllers

The speed controller rollers are the ideal solution to regulate the packages at a constant speed on gravity conveyors, for delicate or heavy packages on long conveyors

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The speed controller rollers are the ideal solution for the gravity conveyor systems, regulating the packages with loads ranging from 80 to 1400 daN at a constant speed. They are absolutely necessary for delicate or heavy packages on long conveyors. They do not need to be calibrated or adjusted after installation and as they are permanently lubricated they are maintenance free.

The functioning is originated by the kinetics energy of the packages that operate internal brakes, situated at the end of a crown wheel system, to expand by centrifugal force, thus developing a braking force which is proportional to the speed and variable with the load.

Standing start of the packages is always guaranteed and their movement is always regular even with maximum slope values.

Assembly with speed controller rollers pitch equal to the load length is recommended for loads heavier than 800 daN, while pitch equal to 1.5 times or more for lighter loads do not exceed of 0.3 m/sec., is acceptable.
The ideal application is in pallet handling gravity track systems and for flow-storage stores within a temperature range of – 5°C to + 50°C.

Applications, with consequent reduction of the load capacity, are allowed for temperature up to - 20°C.
Lower temperature values can be considered on request.

Series RV 400

Made of highly resistant plastic material, the external body is legged with anti-abrasive synthetic rubber of a toothed design. The supporting frame is of zinc-plated steel.
The suspension groups are supplied in complete sets, composed by fixing pins, springs and tension rods in the needed quantity for each single speed controller.

Series RV 490

These controllers differ for the application as they appear as carrying rollers but with the speed controlling unit inside; they are easily assembled instead of a normal roller.
They are proposed for unit loads from 80 daN up to 1400 daN all in the zinc-plated execution including brackets and mounting materials. Please verify that the unit load doesn't exceed a speed of 0,3 m/s.

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