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Unit handling through gravity conveyor rollers

Gravity conveyor rollers are modular components specifically designed for the construction and functioning of the so-called idle roller conveyors. Rollers, running on a specific carrying structure, are designed to handle packages and unit items by means of natural thrust or gravity, rather than power sources. Therefore, system slope is an essential requirement for gravity conveyor rollers to move and start the transportation of materials, even after pauses or accumulations and in presence of additional friction forces. Of course, inclination must be calculated in relation to other elements, including rollers and items weight ratio, contact surface and friction values and design criteria, to avoid risks of damage or downtime.

Of course, as main benefit, gravity conveyor rollers entail easy installation, energy saving and low purchasing and maintenance costs, due to unnecessary drive unit. However, they also feature great application adaptability, allowing their use in multiple fields: airports, distribution centers and warehousing, manufacturing and packaging facilities, food and beverage industry. Rulmeca proves such flexibility producing a wide and varied range of configurations.

Rulmeca combines its technical know-how with the selection of premium quality materials, such as steel and polymers. That’s how our company designs and manufactures gravity conveyor rollers for light, medium and heavy loads and any internal and external environment, including dusty, humid and corrosive ones. Moreover, besides standard shaped rollers, Rulmeca provides special tapered gravity conveyor rollers. It’s therefore possible for industries to optimize their workspace and productivity setting straight and curve sections, as well as spur or curve merging sections.



Rollers for light conveyors where maximum economy is requested and for not too dusty, wet or dirty environments.


Food Conveyor Roller - 111

Idle rollers having their ideal application in light weight unit handling conveyors in normal, corrosive and humid environments and as food conveyor r (...)


Silent Conveyor Roller - 117

Increasingly performing and silent conveyor roller for light, medium and heavy unit handling gravity conveyors. This roller can handle internal, norma (...)


117 New silent roller for noiseless applications

Noiseless idle rollers for medium unit handling conveyors. These rollers belong to the series 117, which retain the main features.



Idle rollers for medium weight unit handling conveyors in normal internal environments



Idle rollers for medium and heavy weight conveyor systems in internal, external, normal, dusty and humid environments.



The new idle rollers for pallets handling. Idle rollers for heavy unit handling conveyors in normal internal environments



Idle rollers for heavy pallet conveyors in internal, external, normal, dusty and humid environments.


Guide rollers for conveyors

Cantilevered guide rollers for conveyors having the main functions of directional control or belt guide.


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