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Unit handling through gravity conveyor rollers

Gravity conveyor rollers are modular components specifically designed for the construction and functioning of idle roller conveyors. These material handling systems are made by a series of rollers supported by a carrying structure, designed to handle packages and unit items exactly by means of thrust or gravity, rather than power sources. Therefore, gravity conveyor rollers are easier to be installed and entail energy saving and low purchasing and maintenance costs.

Since it’s the natural force of gravity that allows for conveying materials, the right slope of the system is enough for gravity conveyor rollers to move and start the transportation of materials. Other elements need to be calculated and determined before installing gravity conveyor rollers: the dimensions, the support or contact surface and the weight of the items to be handled, as well as the environmental conditions of the specific application field.

To meet all possible needs, Rulmeca catalogue counts different types of gravity conveyor rollers, all realized with highly selected materials such as steel and polymers. The selection covers various application possibilities: the handling of light, medium and heavy loads ranging from a few grams to tons, in any internal and external environment.



Rollers for light conveyors where maximum economy is requested and for not too dusty, wet or dirty environments.


Food Conveyor Roller - 111

Idle rollers having their ideal application in light weight unit handling conveyors in normal, corrosive and humid environments and as food conveyor r (...)


Silent Conveyor Roller - 117

Increasingly performing and silent conveyor roller for light, medium and heavy unit handling gravity conveyors in internal, normal, humid and corrosiv (...)


117 New silent roller for noiseless applications

Noiseless idle rollers for medium unit handling conveyors. These rollers belong to the series 117, which retain the main features.



Idle rollers for medium weight unit handling conveyors in normal internal environments



Idle rollers for medium and heavy weight conveyor systems in internal, external, normal, dusty and humid environments.



The new idle rollers for pallets handling. Idle rollers for heavy unit handling conveyors in normal internal environments



Idle rollers for heavy pallet conveyors in internal, external, normal, dusty and humid environments.


Guide Rollers

Guide rollers (cantilevered) installed for directional control of the unit loads or as a belt guide


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