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Specifically designed components for curve roller conveyors

A curve roller conveyor allows materials to be transported around curves and corners, exploiting all the available floor space of the workplace. These systems are widely used in most unit handling applications, where large production lines or distribution chains require the continuous running of pallets, packages and single items along the entire process.

A curve roller conveyor needs appropriately shaped rollers to adjust to the radius of a curve and to change direction without compromising the regular load movement or the smooth flow of the conveyor. To this end, Rulmeca designs and manufactures appropriate curve-capable tapered and cylindrical rollers. Of course, other factors need to be taken into account, starting with speed and conveyed material. Therefore, Rulmeca proposes different configurations to handle light, medium or heavy loads around curves with a regular flow. Also, specifically designed rollers allow for reduced dimensions curves for small packages or products handling in specific applications.

In Rulmeca, both idle and driven rollers are available to set curve roller conveyors. The first are basically meant to guide and support the conveyed material around corners, especially on light radius curve, not having a driving force. The latter are driven by chains or round, toothed, poly-v belts, guided via pinion sprockets or grooves respectively, to provide higher power, speed and precision when heavy and irregular loads or steep curve angles are involved.

Finally, Rulmeca production selects high quality materials ranging from steel to polymers in order to allow any customer to build a curve roller conveyor in compliance with its own application and environmental conditions.



Idle steel tapered rollers


KRO - Curve roller conveyor

Idle tapered rollers with polypropylene external body for light and medium load curve roller conveyor.


Double idle rollers

Double idle rollers for curves



Steel driven tapered rollers P2C



Heavy duty driven tapered rollers for pallet transport


KRO driven tapered rollers

Driven tapered rollers P2C with Polypropylene external body, Polyamide pinion P2C


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