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Rulmeca Drive Roller (RDR)

Main advantages of Rulmeca Drive Roller

Rulmeca Drive Roller is a technologically advanced and wide-ranging motorized roller for conveyor systems designed to provide optimum material handling and control in a great variety of unit conveying applications. Visually, our brand motorized roller features a real compact design: drive electronics, motor and reduction gear are all contained inside the tube. The resulting convenient space saving is still associated with different operational advantages.

The main benefits of Rulmeca Drive Roller in use lie in its built-in 24V DC low-voltage brushless electric motor. This system is extremely reliable and high-performance: as well as being electrically-safe, Rulmeca Drive Roller provides improved efficiency ensuring a low energy consumption keeping great performance. Then, for better work environment and operators’ conditions, brushless motor provide reduced heat and noise during functioning.

In addition, also maintenance advantages are guaranteed: thanks to a longer-lasting motorized system, Rulmeca Drive Roller requires a reduced and lower-cost interventions or repairs of its functional parts. Finally, the enhanced speed and torque possible settings result in a configuration flexibility that enables Rulmeca Drive roller to be used in a wide range of conditions and for a wide range of work-loads in unit handling applications.


RDR Drive Roller

RDR Drive Roller is Rulmeca highly technological and innovative motorized roller: a silent, compact, efficient and long-lasting solution.


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