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RDR Drive Roller

RDR Drive Roller is Rulmeca highly technological and innovative motorized roller: a silent, compact, efficient and long-lasting solution.

RDR Drive Roller

  • Low, medium or high speeds which are either set or varied by the client
  • Constant high torque throughout the speed range
  • Frequent stop/start cycles
  • Optimised working consumption
  • Low levels of system noise
  • Safety for line operators

Other information about the product

Rulmeca Drive Roller is an innovative motorized roller designed to play a key role in industrial applications where roller transportation is an important part of the production and supply chain. Its excellent value for money makes RDR BL3 Drive Roller the ideal choice to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

As well as being classified as an electrically-safe system as it is powered by 24V DC, RDR Drive Roller is an extremely silent, compact, efficient and long-lasting solution which does not require maintenance of its functional parts. The motor unit, the technological heart of the device, is - in the standard set-up proposed - fitted inside a 50 mm Ø tube with the finish agreed with the client. Then, according to the characteristics of the items to be conveyed, the overall configuration of the system and environmental conditions, it’s possible to configure RDR Drive Roller in complete safety and with the utmost efficiency. In order to select the right gear reduction ratio, thus defining the rotation speed and the available torque, it’s necessary to take into consideration the weight, size, material and base profile of the items to be conveyed, as well as the desired transportation speed and the working dynamics of the conveyor.

Cableside For all configurations

Thanks to the wide possible configurations and selected finishing, this product is easily placed into a large variety of unit handling applications. RDR (Rulmeca Drive Roller) can be connected to slave driven rollers by round belts, Poly V belts, chains or configured as frictioned or can be executed crowned to drive light belts.

Control modules RDR Drive Roller BL3 can be driven by:

• PLC directly thanks to all needed electronics and protections integrated in the roller.
• Rulmeca Motion Control (RMC-BL3) card simplifies the BL3 Drive Roller interface to systems.
• Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA) card prevents products from touching in-transit in order to ensure a safe accumulation without pressure of the units.
• ASI BUS interface.
• IO-Link interface.

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