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Enel - Centrale Federico II

One of the most important power plants producing in Italy.


Steel and Power Plants
ENEL, Centrale Federico II



Conveying material



Located in Tuturano (Brindisi), it is the biggest coal-fired power plant in Italy with 4 groups, each of 660MW.

On the dock there are 2 continuous ship-unloaders, each of 1900 t/h (1 ship every 3 days).

The throughput of the conveyor belt plant is 3000 t/h, 24 h/day, 365 days/year.

The coal conveyor is a 2000mm wide belt, 13 Km. long for the area from the docks to the power plant including the 2 stacker-reclaimers, and there is a 1400mm wide belt, 4 Km long for the double line feeding the “boiler”.

The environment is severe, very aggressive and abrasive.


Starting from the beginning of the 90’s Rulmeca has supplied idlers into ENEL via various Engineering Companies:

  • About 13,000 idler sets with shaft diameter 40mm, tube diameter 194mm for the belt width 2000mm,
  • About 5,000 idler sets with shaft diameter 30mm, tube diameter 159mm for the belt width 1400mm.
  • Furthermore we have been supplying spare parts to the power plant for many years.
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