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The longest belt conveyor ever built in Asia: 80 Kms.


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China Resources Cement



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  • Project nameChina Resources Cement
  • Project locationChina
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In July 2010 our Company Rulmeca Tianjin Co. Ltd completed the delivery of rollers for the second phase of the important project of China Resources Cement (Huarun Group) in Fengkai, China, the longest belt conveyors ever built in Asia.

Rulmeca Tianjin received the order at the beginning of 2009 for more than 180.000 rollers for 2 belt conveyors lines of 40 Km. for the limestone handling to link the quarry to the cement plant in Fengkai, China.

The 2 lines of parallel-long distance curve belt conveyors feed one of the biggest cement plants in the world with limestone at 30,000 ton/day. Every line is composed by 3 curved overland conveyors (11, 12 and 17 Km) powered by a total of 19 groups of 750 kW, with a belt speed of 5 m/s. The curved conveyors were designed to cross over 25 mountains but also roads and rivers.


Conveyors details:

  • Belt speed: 5 m/s
  • Tension: 3 150 N/mm
  • Belt width: 1400 mm
  • Thickness:24 mm
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