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Handle, move, transport, order, collect and store productively

Our solutions

Airport, Security and X-Ray Screening

The security provided by efficient material handling components capable of guaranteeing reliability and durability of conveyors.

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Postal, Parcel and E-Commerce

The most suitable material handling components for conveyors for those seeking robust and flexible solutions that allow for rapid sorting.

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Manufacturing, Packaging and Automation

Material handling components for conveyors capable of guaranteeing high performance and the full functionality of the system.

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Distribution Centres and Warehousing

An application that demands high performance requires a wide and high-quality range of material handling components for conveyors.

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Food and Fish processing

Material handling components studied and manufactured to guarantee easy cleaning and compliance with hygiene regulations.

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Beverage processing

Material handling components that guarantee rapid, fluid and precise transportation.

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3DDrawings | Bulk & Unit

Download our standard Bulk & Unit catalog drawings in the main 2D and 3D formats in 3DDrawings


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