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Different designs and configurations of drum motors for conveyors

Rulmeca huge production counts a complete and versatile range of drum motors for conveyors due to the key role of driving components they play in the functioning of these material handling systems. As guarantee for high performance, all Rulmeca drum motors share a compact, hermetic sealed, powerful, low consumption and reliable design. Then, different models and configurations are specifically studied to meet the most demanding needs and multiple industrial applications.

First, the selection of Rulmeca drum motors for conveyors includes the ideal driving components to move light, medium and high duty conveyors. Moreover, they are able to operate even in the harshest conditions, including low and high temperatures, presence of water, dirt, chemicals, oil or grease and during high-pressure washdown procedures.

Finally, Rulmeca drum motors can drive belt conveyors using different types of belts. Drum motors for standard conveyor belts of PVC or Polyurethane are used with a crowned shell. Instead, drum motors for conveyors with plastic modular belts or thermoplastic positively driven belts are equipped with a cylindrical or flat shell, with profiled lagging or special sprockets. Rulmeca driving components can also be used in non-belt applications, using derated motors and cylindrical or flat shells. Finally, to better suit different applications, Rulmeca drum motors have many options such as rubber lagging, integrated encoders, electromagnetic brakes and frequency converters which are all certified according to CE directive.


Drum Motor 80LP with planetary gearbox

A strong capable drum motor to drive small conveyors for light loads and non-continuous use.


Drum Motor 113LP with planetary gearbox

Powerful drive drum motor for light and medium conveyors, for non-continuous operations.


Drum Motor 138LP with planetary gearbox

the ideal operator for light and medium conveyors


Drum Motor 80LS with helical gearbox

A very compact strong drive drum motor for small light duty conveyors.


Drum Motor 113LS

Drum Motor with steel helical gearbox for high use light and medium-duty conveyors.


Drum Motor 138LS with helical gearbox

Power packed drive for high duty conveyors


Drum Motor 165LS with helical gearbox

Solid powerful drive for high use conveyors


Drum Motor 220M-H with helical gearbox

High torque powerful drive for high duty conveyors


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