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Belt conveyor rollers for bulk handling

Belt conveyor rollers represent a high investment in the overall design of a material handling system. As is known, high-quality of rollers is a key requirement to ensure an efficient and continuous working life of modern conveyors.

Rulmeca belt conveyor rollers are manufactured according to national and international highest standards of quality and safety: ISO, UNI, DIN, AFNOR, FEM, BS, JIS, SANS and CEMA. Our company pays special attention to every single manufacture phase, from preliminary research to engineered design, from production to strict laboratory tests through specially designed machines to examine their performance. In addition, the long-year practical experience in the most variable plants now helps to identify the best solution for each customer.

All conveyor mechanical components have to be selected according to technical criteria to guarantee plant efficiency and economy of use. Rulmeca catalogue counts different series and configurations of belt conveyor rollers able to cover various bulk industry uses differing in the type, load volume, grain or lump size of the transported material, as well as the environmental conditions (low/high temperatures, salty air, water and moisture, etc.). Over and above normal steel rollers, our company also provides impact rollers and return rollers (even self-cleaning) with rubber rings whose integration is needed in most bulk handling conveyors. Due to their precise engineered design, Rulmeca belt conveyor rollers are guaranteed to rotate under medium and high loads freely, easily and over time. Beside the use of highly selected materials, the presence of an efficient self-lubricated sealing system protecting roller bearings minimizes the need for ordinary maintenance. That’s how Rulmeca rollers becomes suitable for variable environmental challenges, including dust, dirt, water, low and high temperatures.


Heavy Duty Conveyor Rollers - PSV

PSV rollers represent the highest quality and load capacity heavy-duty conveyor rollers among Rulmeca’s components for bulk handling applications.


Impact rollers with rubber rings

Impact rollers consist of the basic steel PSV rollers design, on which are fitted rings, designed to resist and absorb the pressure given by the impac (...)


Return rollers with rubber rings

These return rollers contribute to eliminating the build-up of material which particularly is present in the belt centre.


Return self-cleaning rollers with helical rubber rings

Return rollers employed to reduce the deposit of material by operating on the surface of the dirty side of the belt in order to support the belt when (...)


Guide Rollers for Conveyor

Rulmeca designs and manufactures guide rollers for conveyors to limit the possible side-slip of the belt and keep its alignment.


Belt tracking roller

The belt tracking roller responds instantly to the misalignment of the belt



Light duty economical rollers.



Rollers used in the movement of small or light loads even in medium severe environmental conditions.


DSK rollers extra heavy duty

PRECISMECA / RULMECA GROUP Heavy Duty Rollers are designed for heavy duty open mining applications. The heavy duty PRECISMECA / RULMECA GROUP rollers (...)


HDPE Roller - Supreme

Anti-buildup and corrosion resistant HDPE roller for medium and heavy-duty applications.


Polymer Rollers - TOP

HDPE rollers for light to medium duty applications: a light, strong and eco-friendly solution.


Polymer Rollers - PL

Anti-corrosion rollers in polymer materials for belt conveyors handling aggressive materials.


Low noise roller

RULMECA solution for low noise according to the Directive RL 2000/14/EC


3DDrawings | Bulk & Unit

Download our standard Bulk & Unit catalog drawings in the main 2D and 3D formats in 3DDrawings


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