Rulli a bassa rumorosità

RULMECA solution for low noise according to the Directive RL 2000/14/EC



RULMECA carried out an extensive testing campaign, both in the in-house laboratory and in real application on the field and is now proud to present a new solution for low noise rollers.

RULMECA takes very seriously the issues related to roller noise with:

- The best equipment available;

- A specific Test room designed and prepared to meet the highest standards;

- Strong partnerships with engineering companies with specific experience in noise issues;


• The RULMECA low noise roller has been specially machined to achieve very precise values of TIR and MIS. This allows high running smoothness and a reduction of noise emissions up to 12 dB (A) Lwa, compared to standard rolls.

• The high reductions in vibrations are also achieved by an accurate dynamic balancing procedure of class G12 according to DIN1940.

• With additional internal damping elements and the above actions, a whole noise reduction of 14 dB (A) Lwa is achievable. (registered design BRD 202010007189.5)

• These HIGH QUALITY RULMECA ROLLERS are recommended in high speed conveying applications where very low noise levels are required.

• Additional possibilities are:

- Use of RULMECA ‘TOP’ or ‘SUPREME’ rollers for special applications, (see separate flyer)

- Decoupling from conveyor steel structure with special damping solutions

- Special roller coatings (HDPE/LDPE/PU/Rubber)

- Special connecting elements, etc.

We have the knowledge and the best options to find the right solution for your material handling applications.

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