Barsch relies on Rulmeca Drum Motors

Barsch is a specialist for the horizontal packaging of goods and it has developped an intelligent reliable actively controlled pre-reeling solution for packaging materials.


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  • Project nameBarsch GmbH & Co. KG
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  • Customer typeResellers


Barsch is a specialist for the horizontal packaging of goods. The manufacturer specializes in machines that wrap films around the goods like a tube and then seal them. These flowpack machines are modular in design, which allows uncomplicated adaptation of the systems to a wide variety of goods. The highest priority in every application is trouble-free operation of the machines. But ergonomics is also important to Barsch. Various sensors are therefore built into the flowpack machines to support the user during operation. For example, the machine indicates that, for example, the film roll will soon be used up or that products have not been placed correctly. In addition, they independently ensure that the film tension is always the same, regardless of the size of the roll, by means of actively controlled pre-reeling. This function is of great importance for trouble-free operation.



As with all components used in the machines, Barsch also relies on high-quality components for the film pre-winding system, so that the machines are particularly reliable and durable. A continuous improvement process (CIP), which has even received an award from the German Employers' Liability Insurance Association for Wood and Metal, ensures constant innovation. During this process, it was also suggested that drum motors from Rulmeca be used, as the company offers two significant advantages over the motors currently in use: They are also available as 200 mm wide and thus particularly compact motors. At the same time, with the same design, they are also lighter than the solution used to date. An 80LS drum motor with a length of 200mm and 60 watts of power is used in a stainless steel design and with IP66/69plus protection. This protection allows the Rulmeca drum motors to be cleaned even with high pressure and steam jets, which is of great interest to the food industry.


Rulmeca delivered an extremely compact drum motor with IP66/69plus protection and in a lightweight design. This is achieved by the mix of materials the company uses for the side drum motor covers. In contrast to pure stainless steel covers - which Rulmeca also offers - a combination of aluminum and thin stainless steel cover is also available. This saves several hundred grams and is of great advantage in this application because the motor has to be folded away at the handle when a roll is changed. So the lighter it is, the easier it is to handle. Moreover, Rulmeca offered provided highest quality, which is a prerequisite for Barsch, because the manufacturer itself produces everything in central Hesse and attaches great importance to high-quality purchased components and to production sites and contacts that can be visited without much effort.

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