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In the packaging environment, LITA Srl certainly occupies a prominent role.


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In the packaging environment, LITA Srl certainly occupies a prominent role.Born in the early 60s, it boasts a respectable installed fl eet of machines and thishas contributed in a fundamental way to the experience it can now boast andthat it uses to meet the ever-evolving needs of this particular sector. The widerange of models (palletizers, depalletizers, handling and transport systems)covers production needs in detail, from small to large industry.



The extensive catalogue made available by Rulmeca makes it possible the rightset-up made especially for each customer and need. The range of possiblealternatives meets every need. In the handling of the fi nished platforms, on the other hand, robustness and reliability prevail over time without maintenance.We can safely say that all this brings optimization and reliability to a new level.


The heart of LITA Srl machines is the handling of the single product and also ofthe complete pallet. This key factor requires a lot of versatility, because all theproducts are diff erent and require an ad hoc set-up. The product, which ismoved through the Rulmeca rollers, requires diff erent types of rollers (pulled,frictioned, coated, chromed, stainless steel ...) to adapt to the best. At thisjuncture, set-up fl exibility is fundamental.

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