Nero Giardini: Italian fashion made in Italy

Nero Giardini, Italian fashion made in Italy

Nero Giardini is a company that produces and distributes shoes and fashion accessories. The Mission of Nero Giardini is the Made in Italy and the enhancement of the Marche region. The automatic storage combines technology and the fashion world. Two self-supporting structures with one dorsal in the middle for the pallets and boxes handling: two pallets storage and a boxes storage for picking with a fully automated system including palletizing and loading bay for distribution.

The company JUNGHEINRICH ITALIANA-Milan was the main-contractor and the supplier of the bay racking for the two pallets storage, input from the production centers and output to feed the picking.

The company UTECO-CONTEC from Modena has completely provided the handling system and the feeding to the storages, fully automated and logic controlled, up to the flaps of shipment.

UTECO-CONTEC has bought Rulmeca products for over 30 years for quality, reliability and technology.

 For this system it was important the Rulmeca support to ensure safety, silence and a simple control system. Rulmeca has supplied:- 415 rollers MPS/S1 D.89 P2C 5/8”;- 260 driverollers 24V, 24:1 ratio,Poly-V head, with control boards;

-2.650 driven rollers D.50 with Poly-V head;-180 tapered rollers for curves, controlled by driverollers and Poly-V belts;

- 3.000 Poly-V belts, 2-3 ribs 2,34 pitch; -14 FI-FO gravity tracks for pallets;- 4 FI-FO mini-wheels frames for boxes;

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