BARSCH: German packaging machine supplier

Barsch relies on drum motors from Rulmeca

Barsch is a specialist for the horizontal packaging of goods. Compared to bulk goods, which are usually packaged vertically, the goods are individually fed and packaged. The machine builders have specialized in machines which wind the film like a hose around the products and then weld it. These machines, with the brand name Flowpack, have a modular structure, allowing for uncomplicated adaptations of the equipment. This is also important, as every product demands a completely different handling technique. Goods to be delivered via dynamic pressure conveyors must be synchronised exactly in the right distance.

Actively controlled pre-rolling of the packaging material

Barsch has developed an intelligent, actively controlled solution for reliable pre-rolling of the packaging material. It ensures an always constant film tension regardless of the filling level and diameter of the packaging roll. For this purpose, the film is unwound via a drum motor resting on the packaging roll. The speed of the drum motor is controlled by a dancer arm. Depending on the deflection of the dancer arm from its normal position, the drum motor rotates faster or slower. The deflection of the dancer arm is detected via a linear potentiometer and the motor speed is steplessly controlled via a frequency converter. The advantage of such an actively controlled film pre- unwinding is that even thin and perforated films, as well as relatively poor quality films, do not rip so fast because the film tensile forces are always kept constant and there is no jerky startup of the film. In addition, less packaging material of preprinted film is wasted because the print image can be corrected more quickly since there is no slip in the film. If the film roll is still very full, it tends to continue to rotate after the feed stops. However, in order for the film not to roll unnecessarily through this mass inertia, it is braked by the friction of the plastic round rings, which have been pulled over the drum motor shell. The motorized film pre-winding is included in a machine with automatic start-up as it requires the coordination of cycles with starts and stops.

The film pre-winding with the drum motor is a very efficient solution, which is also significantly less susceptible to interference than a passive roller with secondary drive.

With CIP (continuous improvement process) to Rulmeca drum motors

As with all components used in the machines, Barsch also places great emphasis on high-quality components during film pre-rolling, so that the machines are particularly reliable and durable. A continuous improvement process (CIP), which is even distinguished by the professional association of wood and metal, ensures constant innovation. In 2014, it was also proposed to use Rulmeca drum motors, since this design offers two major advantages over the motors used up to now: they are also available as 200 mm wide and thus particularly compact motors. At the same time, they are also lighter than the solution used to date. This is achieved by the material mix that Rulmeca uses for the drum drum covers on each side. Compared to pure stainless steel covers - which Rulmeca also offers - a combination of aluminum and a thin stainless steel cover is available. This saves a few hundred grams and is of great advantage in this application because the motor must be folded away on the handle when a roll is changed. The easier it is, the easier the handling

An 80LS drum motor with the length of 200mm and 60 watts of power has been used since June 2015 in stainless steel version and with IP66 / 69plus protection. This protection allows the Rulmeca drum motors to be cleaned even with high pressure and steam jets, which is of great interest to the food industry.

Optimized use through individual design

"I am convinced of the Rulmeca drum motor. It is characterized by its very compact design and all-in-one construction. The cooperation with Rulmeca is also pleasant. Sales and technology were always accessible and in the sampling phase also open for our wishes. This allows us to develop the right solution together efficiently. For example, today we are supplying our engine with a more powerful winding than in the standard version in order to keep the engine cool, as well as with an individual cable length of 5 meters.

The latter is indeed only a small one, but in other companies it is not self-evident, “explains Nadine Barsch, Managing Director of Barsch.

The production of the drum motors of Rulmeca is by the way in Germany, which is a prerequisite for Barsch, because they attach great importance to high-quality purchase parts and on manufacturing plants and contact persons, one can visit without great time effort.

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