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Sielaff, specialized in distribution and return systems, turns to Rulmeca to optimize the reliability of its machines and improve its operational capacity.


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  • Project nameSielaff GmbH & Co. KG
  • Project locationGermany
  • Customer typeOEM
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Sielaff deposit return systems meet the highest quality standards. Above all, fast removal of the individualbottles is essential for delay-free acceptance of the empties. To achieve this, the company relies on drum motorsfrom Rulmeca. Thanks to their double-ball design, two conveyor belts can be driven with one motor. Thisincreases the capacity of the systems, increases their availability and reduces costs compared to the option ofusing a single drum motor for each belt. The aim of Sielaff 's high-quality production is to ensure high availabilityof the machines with no, or as little as possible, downtime and a long service life in order to maximise customersatisfaction. The deposit return terminals are mainly installed in supermarkets, but also in canteens and otherpublic places such as event venues, sports facilities, hospitals and educational establishments. In the food retailsector, the aforementioned reliability is of central importance. If, for example, the motor for transporting theempties to the bottle table fails, the entire machine comes to a standstill. This results in waiting times forcustomers and the return process no longer works. The reliability of the components used in the two modularreturn systems MonoSort and DualSort is therefore essential. The complexity of the system begins behind theacceptance opening. Once the deposit bottle has been inserted, the one-way bottles are compacted. Bottlecrates are also ejected right at the beginning and then temporarily stored on Euro pallets until collection. Whatremains are the returnable single-use bottles made of PET plastic or glass. At the end of the receiving terminal, these run onto a so-called bottle table, where they are sorted into crates by store employees. Belt conveyors areused on this bottle table to transport the bottles to the end of the table, where they are accumulated forremoval. Sielaff uses a drum motor solution from the manufacturer Rulmeca to drive this belt. The motors areavailable in IP66 or IP69. This means that liquids from leaking returnable bottles cannot interfere with theiroperational safety.


  • Reliable delivery capability
  • Increases the capacity of the systems
  • Reduced system downtimes thanks tomotors with IP66 / IP69
  • Increases the availability of the production machine
  • Reduces costs compared to theoption of using an individual individual drum motor for each belt



Thanks to the powerful motor, which can drive not just one, but two belts simultaneously, the company saves onone drive. Together with the space-saving design of the drum motor, this also makes the system more compactand less susceptible to faults. The high protection class also contributes to the robustness. The motors areavailable in IP66 or IP69. This means that liquids from leaking returnable bottles cannot interfere with theiroperational safety. Sielaff 's decision to work with Rulmeca in the motor sector was, however, primarily due tothe fl exibility in the design of the drive. The OEM was particularly impressed by Rulmeca's openness to realisethe special design requested by Sielaff , with a two-ball design of the drum motor. The motors are available inIP66 or IP69. This means that liquids from leaking returnable bottles cannot interfere with their operationalsafety. This doubles the capacity of the bottles that can be picked up. The empties can be separated by the twobelts according to container type and thus automatically pre-sorted, for example into cups on one belt andbottles on the other. As a result, the second belt not only increases throughput. It also makes downstreamhandling faster and more effi cient.

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