Roller FIFO

The roller FIFO system is intended for the intensive storage of goods, loaded on pallets forked-lifted on the short side (800 mm).

Roller FIFO

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The roller FIFO system is intended for the intensive storage of goods, loaded on pallets forked on the short side (800 mm).
Since it is based on the "First in - First out" logic, this system is suitable for the storage of perishable goods or goods requiring a high turnover

It consists of a load front and a pick-up front; a roller way system ensures the regular flow of the goods. After having been properly stored in the dynamic warehouse, the goods placed on pallets move - by gravity - along the roller way sloping towards the opposite side of the load front, where they can be continuously picked up.
Therefore, the dynamic warehouse ensures an automatic turnover of the goods, preventing them from ageing and guaranteeing a sure First In - First Out. Moreover, the pallet - autonomously handled - favours the optimal management of the warehouse and facilitates handling by avoiding the numerous paths between the shelves of a traditional warehouse and by considerably reducing the occupied spaces, which means reducing the number of trolleys in use and, therefore, the personnel in charge.
The presence of one single load front and one single pick-up front can optimise load and unload operations; the space saved can be used for other packing and shipping phases.
Each way consists of an idle roller table, the pitch of which is suitable for the weight of the load unit, inclined by 4%; it can ensure a constant and safe movement of the pallets towards the exit front.
A braking system is arranged along the whole roller table. It consists of an ensemble of speed regulation rollers that can control the constant descent of the pallet; they are distributed one for each pallet place, except for the first one on the load front.
As regards the entrance front of load units, their insertion inside the channels is facilitated by guides: this element is particularly useful, above all for the highest storage levels, for which the operator's visibility is limited.
The exit front of pallets is equipped with a system that can operate a pallet separator for the pallet pick-up - as soon as the first pallet is picked up from the roller table - without requiring the thrust of the subsequent pallets.

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