Extractable shelves

A concept that rationalises the deposit, the monitoring and the pick-up of products.


The storage on Extractable shelves is a concept that rationalises the deposit, the monitoring and the pick-up of products. It reduces fatigue and improves the operator's production rate by making him/her autonomous in opening, picking and closing shelves, above all in the presence of heavy loads.

Extractable shelves can be easily installed because they are just arranged on the handrails of the structure and fastened at the back by means of brackets adapted to the cross-section of handrails. They are compatible with all types of racks.

Installation is so easy that it can change an existing static rack system into a dynamic  rack system with extractable shelves, which means saving money and improving the production rate.

You can store any type of wooden or plastic pallet or any kind of metal or plastic container.

The Extractable shelf system can store and pick up in two operation modes: on the floor or on a shelf.

The floor system is generally used where the area on the ground is organised approximately and irrationally - in the presence of a static rack system - which means that it is uncomfortable and sometimes even unsafe for the operator to work.

On the contrary, the Extractable shelf system on the rack is intended to reduce the operator's fatigue considerably and to facilitate pick-up operations.

It is particularly suitable for heavy items, such as metal dies.

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