138 - 138D and 138R

Pinion sprocket friction rollers P1C-P2C for light and medium loads: Polyamide or steel pinion sprockets, steel or PVC tube, suited also for food applications

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Pinion sprocket friction rollers P1C-P2C for light and medium loads

These rollers have the same construction characteristics of the driven series 135 except for the sprocket as they transmit the motion to the tube by friction, through the assembled sleeve element at the tube end. The pinions are interchangeable and easily replaced by Polyamide pinions of 135 series, therefore modifying working conveyors without problems. The two series together allow different combinations with maximum flexibility and system modularity. The friction rollers of 138 series guarantee a good units handling even in case of dampness or lubricants. They are supplied in sendzimir zinc-plated steel tube (Z exec.) except for 138/Q4-S4 types, or in special shock resistant quiet PVC (V exec): on request also in AISI 304 stainless steel. Pinions are either in Polyamide or steel for transmission with:

  • simple tangential chain, P1C version
  • chain loops, P2C version

Rollers with Polyamide pinions are suited for light and medium loads; the PVC tube version or AISI 304 stainless steel has the ideal application in corrosive, food and wet environments and is especially noiseless. As the steel pinions have a greater heat discharging capacity, they are used for medium heavy loads at maximum speed, or for long stop times. The peripheral speed may reach 0.5 m/s but in case of long accumulation times it is better not to exceed 0.3 m/s. Application temperatures range from –5° C to +40° C. For the transmission calculation and for the accumulation pressure please refer to chapter Application indications and design criteria.

Double friction rollers series 138D

On request it is possible to supply these rollers with friction on both ends. They solve
the problem of unbalanced loads as, thanks to a higher sensitivity on all the tube length,
they assure a higher pressure, proportional to the load itself.

They are supplied with Polyamide pinions and zinc-plated steel tube, so that they are
interchangeable with the corresponding rollers of series 138.

Preloaded friction rollers series 138R

On request it is possible to supply these rollers, having the same features of series 138 on the pinion side. They are interchangeable with series 138 for the assembling on those points of the conveyor where there are strong motion resistance of loads, for example for lateral guides or for a roller pitch higher than the remaining part of the line. Further to the radial friction force they offer the possibility of having a front adjustable preload on the idle side of the roller.

They are supplied with Polyamide pinions and zinc-plated steel tube.

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