Pinion sprocket rollers P1C – P2C: Polyamide or steel pinion sprockets, steel or PVC tube, suited also for food applications

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Pinion sprocket rollers P1C – P2C

These rollers have the same general characteristics of the series 117 and are perfectly interchangeable with the series 138 friction rollers.

These series together allow various combinations with the maximum handling flexibility and system modularity.

The pinions are in black coloured Polyamide particularly stabilized, wear and fatigue resistant,assembled with a particular insert system into the element situated in-between the tube ends or in steel welded to the tube ends, inserted on request. The types with Polyamide pinions are supplied in the sendzimir zinc plated steel tube execution (“Z” execution), except the 135/Q4-S4 types, or in special anti-shock or noiseless PVC (“V” execution).

The types with steel pinion are supplied with normal steel tube.

The Polyamide pinions can be easily changed with the ones of the series 138, changing with no problems driven rollers systems into accumulating sections; furthermore if combined with a PVC tube or in stainless steel AISI 304 they find very good applications in foodstuffs, corrosive and wet environments.

The application temperatures range from –5° C to +80° C with steel tube and from –5° C to +50° C with PVC tube.

The package handling speed may reach 0,5 m/s with steel pinions Z=9 / 11 or Z=14 and 1 m/s with Polyamide Z=14 pinions, compatibly with the permitted loads as indicated in the table in the catalogue.

These rollers are supplied with radial 6002 bearings and in stainless steel on request.

The transmission systems are planned with:

  • simple tangential chain version P1C
  • chain loops version P2C

It is possible to mount rollers with a min. pitch of I=42 mm assembling D.40 with Z=9 or I=52 mm assembling D.50 with Z=9/11.

Loose components coupling steel pinions 

It is possible to supply coupling steel pinions instead of Polyamide pinions, to be assembled in the critical points of the conveyor for end rollers or for direct junctions with the gearbox.

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