Rollers for light conveyors where maximum economy is requested and for not too dusty, wet or dirty environments.

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The GL steel rollers with shield and prelubricated radial ball bearings are particularly smooth running and have the highest load capacity in their category.
The GL/8-10-12 types have bearings without cage whereas the special configuration of GL/56-58-60 types have caused the use of bearings with cage.
The swaged tube is zinc-plated in the standard execution “Z” for most of the types for a higher finishing grade and various applications, except for 12 and 76 mm. diameter having an electrolytic zinc-plating “J” on request.
The spring loaded shaft offers a fast and easy installation into the conveyor system.
The particular shapes of the end-caps and assembly precision allow these rollers to behave correctly even in driven and belt applications, if the loads in relation to the system speed are carefully considered.
Normal applications temperature ranges from –20° C to +100° C.

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