Series KRO with fixed head for Poly-V belts

Driven tapered rollers for flexible Poly-V belts




These rollers are ideal to build curves for light and medium duty, they are obtained by assembling Polypropylene cone sleeves on the base roller Ø 50. On the protruding part of the smaller diameter there is the pinion with 9 grooves V profile pitch 2,3, 4 mm shape PJ, ISO 9981 DIN 7867, directly inserted with tight interference on the end of the tube Ø 50x1,5 and swaged, without an intermediate coupling.

The transmission can be easily cantered, thus limiting space consumption, maximizing safety and preventing damages to the Poly-V belts.

We foresee just a very flexible two-rib Poly-V belt, for a rollers pitch on inner frame of I=73,7.

A 90° curve is typically powered by a driving unit midway along the curve.

The sprocket is made in black Polyamide, while the general features are the same as for the driven sprocket tapered KXO series (base roller 135), but with a different lay-out.

The rollers have precision radial 6002-2RZ.
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