KRO driven tapered rollers

Driven tapered rollers P2C with Polypropylene external body, Polyamide pinion P2C

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Driven tapered rollers P2C with Polypropylene external body

They are obtained by assembling ribbed truncated grey Polypropylene cone sleeves on the base roller series 135/S3 P2C with diameter 50 hot dip zinc tube sendzimir (“Z” execution) and Polyamide double pinion. They are ideal for curves with units controlled handling and they are particularly strong, they allow noiseless transmission even at high speeds and can combine with different cylindrical driven rollers. The shaft is internally threaded, complete with screws for assembly and allows an easy installation and a rigid structure. Temperature applications range from 0° C to +50° C for normal, damp, dusty and food environments. They are supplied with B lengths multiple of 50 mm, only for the values shown in the table. It is important to give special attention to the positioning of the rollers and to the boring of the side frames to assure a regular load flow and the correct tensioning of the chain loops.

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