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Overview of Rulmeca Drive Roller

Rulmeca Drive Roller is actually classified as motorized roller within the wide field of material handling components for conveyors. It’s an automated modular component which drives conveyor system through an internal electric motor, rather than an external power source as it happens when traditional idler rollers are used. Thanks to the use of Rulmeca Drive Roller, the conveyor system does not require further drive units to move. When the motorized roller is turned on, it sets off a chain reaction that moves the entire system it is attached to.

Rulmeca Drive Roller is not only an important technological innovation when compared with traditional rollers for conveyors. Our solution is appreciated and widely used by multiple industries all over the world for its special and convenient engineered design. Rulmeca Drive Roller is a cost-effective solution powered by an electrically safe and efficient motor which is able to provide high performance with energy efficiency, as well as excellent advantages in terms of space and security.

Concerning its feasibility, Rulmeca Drive Roller especially addresses unit handling applications dealing with the transportation of single items or unit formats. Some of the main application fields for our solution include airports, food and beverage industries, warehouses and distribution centers, and manufacturing and packaging companies.


Rulmeca Drive Roller (RDR)

Rulmeca Drive Roller is a technologically advanced and wide-ranging motorized roller for unit handling conveyor systems.


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