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Cintasa - design and manufactureof conveyors systems

The main activity of Cintasa centres in the engineering, production andinstallation of handling, transport and warehousing element systems.


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The main activity of Cintasa centres in the engineering, production and installation of handling, transport and warehousing element systems. Their wide range of conveyors is based on diverse systems such as belts, rollers, chains, metal plates, buckets, etc. Moreover, they incorporate distinct auxiliary elements in their installations, which could be: galleries, silos, hoppers, structures, etc. This specialization in the field of conveyors and in all its variants for 50 years has given Cintasa the necessary experience to be able to offer the client the best solution to each requirement.



The main advantage provided by RULMECA products is their quality, which meets the standards Cintasa has established for its products and the recognition among its customers. It is absolutely necessary to position itself as a quality manufacturer, and RULMECA plays a fundamental role in this position. RULMECA products have helped Cintasa to evolve in the design of the products and in improving quality. Cintasa is very satisfied with RULMECA products, but above all, with the human capital that forms part of it. Immediacy in delivery and adjusted prices are also valued. In Cintasa's evolution to new projects that imply more responsibility, they want RULMECA's experience to be able to support and help them to achieve their objectives.


There are many reasons why RULMECA is a reference provider for CINTASA. Both CINTASA and RULMECA are family businesses, which makes them share values and interests that go beyond the business and in which the personal relationship is also essential to be able to confidently deal with the issues that concern them and that they can share. Beyond sharing values and principles, RULMECA is a collaborator that has allowed Cintasa to evolve in improving the quality of its products. RULMECA's quality is widely recognized worldwide, and all of Cintasa's clients (engineering, cement, chemical sector …) perceive it. The relationship between both companies goes back many years; they have celebrated successes, they maintain fluid communication and trust is mutual both in the products and in the people who are part of both companies.

CINTASA mainly consumes rollers of different types and sizes since their projects are designed to measure. Within the range of rollers, they mainly use the PSV, MPS, impact, and return series, both smooth and scraper and cleaner; they also use guide and garland rollers. Sometimes they consume drum motors.

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