Chilean copper mining industry – cold rollers

Rulmeca has been supplying medium-heavy to heavy idlers to the Chilean copper mining industry for many years. Through an expanded presence in the market and the cooperation with our strategic partner TTM Chile S.A. we were able to convince more and more customers about the advantages of Rulmeca technology. Extensive tests and a very customer-oriented after sales service have led to a high level of acceptance. The constant low temperatures of the ball bearings in the Rulmeca rollers, which have been proven in numerous tests, have led to the Rulmeca rollers being known as "cold rollers" even beyond Chile''s national borders. Rulmeca achieves these results through consistently high quality standards in manufacturing and strict adherence to manufacturing tolerances. The Rulmeca design was developed with the help of decades of experience in heavy mining and represents the global technology leadership.

If you are also interested in reliability, durability and low energy consumption, we look forward to hearing from you. The "cold roll" can deliver all of this to you too.

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