USA projects in 2016

PCS Phosphate, Aurora, NC Motorized Pulley & Idlers: 400M, UT500H
Years of promoting RMPs finally convinced PCS to try RMPs.  By 12/31/16, all calciner feed conveyors will be converted to RMPs.
Lessons learned:  CS shaft had to be upgraded to SS and UT500H standard seals had to be upgraded to lab seals.  Work was done “under warranty”.
Sales to date: $80k.  We expect to book $100k in 2017.


Lippmann Milwaukee #4800 Plant & #6500 Plant
Motorized Pulleys: 400H, 320M, 220M for screen feed, recirculation, cross belts 2016 Budget:  $150k
2016 YEE:  $398k (Thanks to end user, Lippmann uses RMP on 100% of conveyors)
Note on CM:  We decreased manufactured COGS by 2% by convincing customer to use consigned inventory instead of requesting local assembly.  We made 31 model 400 in 2015 and only 14 in 2016.


Empire Rubber (NorPac Food & Smith Frozen Foods)
Motorized Pulleys: 138LS and 165LS with SS special shells (fabricated in US)
2016 Budget:  $75k
2016 YEE:   $122k
We convinced Empire Rubber, a key distributor in food processing in Pacific Northwest, to switch 100% from Interroll to Rulmeca.  Fair price, excellent service, and quick local assembly enabled us to capture the business.


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