Matla Colliery, underground conveyor system, South Africa

Matla is a dedicated colliery required to supply a large base load Power Station comprising six generator sets each producing 630 megawatts. The plant has a continuous burn rate of in excess of 2000 tonnes per hours of coal.

The Matla underground conveyor system, needing to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Medium to heavy duty,
  • Ultra-light weight and easy to construct
  • Modular and flexible
  • The structure, which was jointly developed by MELCO and the Matla Shortwall project team, not only full satisfied all of the criteria but has gone on to prove itself magnificently in use, carrying in excess of its design tonnage on a regular basis.
  • As mentioned above, initially designed to carry 4500 tonnes per hour, this structure now regularly carries 5500 and peaks at 6000 tonnes per hour.
  • Finally, this design is extremely cost competitive and cheaper than most conventional underground structure.
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