Motorized Pulley 165LS

Motorized Pulley diameter 165 mm - Length min. RL 400 mm and power between 0.11 and 2.2 kW.

Motorized Pulley 165LS


Other information about the product

Motorized Pulley 165LS, Ø 165 mm

Motorized Pulley 165LS, with machined helical gear box, performs an efficiency, in a compact diameter of 165 mm only. With a min RL of 400 mm and and powers ranging from 0.11kW to 1.5kW this size of motorized pulley is suitable for most duties requiring such a small diameter – e.g.:

  • Light agriculture and bulk solids handling conveyors
  • Mobile or portable conveyors
  • As a drive unit for brush cleaners etc.

Motorized pulley 165LS has standard IP66/67 enclosure and is available in complete stainless steel execution
for wash down application.

For the choice of the Motorized Pulley it is very important to know or to calculate the belt tension T1+T2 (radial load). This MUST NOT OVERCOME the "max. radial load" allowed as shown in the catalogue.

Be careful to very high belt tensions when using thick, heavy and/or large belts.

If the type 165E cannot provide the necessary max. radial load T1+T2, you have to choose a Motorized Pulley with a bigger diameter.

Case history


Detection of energy saving and noise reduction in comparison with a conventional Drive

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Powerful Rulmeca motorized pulley type 1000H 200kW installed on a feeding conveyor at EGAT power station in Thailand.

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Dual Drive System for Belt Conveyors at Buzzi Unicem USA

Cement plants, shipping terminals, mines, and a variety of other bulk materials handling facilities have incorporated Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys into plant upgrades for more than 60 years.

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Cargill Deicing – Avery Island – LA, USA

The Company has battled the effects of corrosion and abrasion, due to salt accumulation in the humid Louisiana marshland, by converting its exposed conveyor drive systems to internally-powered conveyor drive pulleys.

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USA projects in 2016

PCS Phosphate, Aurora, NC Motorized Pulley & Idlers: 400M, UT500H - Lippmann Milwaukee #4800 Plant & #6500 Plant - Empire Rubber (NorPac Food & Smith Frozen Foods)

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800HP Motorized Pulleys at the Westmoreland coal mine, Wyoming USA

Coal mines and thermal power plants have used Rulmeca Motorized Pulley conveyor belt drives for more than 60 years.

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Energy Saving CO2

Pipe conveyor – 120m – Lift height = 35m 200 Kw Conventional drive 132 Kw Rulmeca Motorized pulley BST - Partial Lagging - Remagrip 15mm CKX ATEX Zone 21 with boost

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Nuova Geodis

NUOVA GEOVIS SpA , Italy, belongs to the ERA Group of Companies, responsible for the recycling services in the Italian area of Emilia. The Group is composed by 2 plants.

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Rulmeca Corporation Solves Conveyor Problems at US Iron Ore Port

CN installed six Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys to upgrade two 40-year-old crawler-mounted MX bucket wheel reclaimers at the company’s Two Harbors, MN facility.

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Valmet Oyj (Finland), Hofor project (Denmark)

Valmet Oyj (Finland), Hofor project (Denmark)

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