Belt cleaners

The cleaning equipment is used to assure the general plant efficiency and to reduce the periods of service needed for maintenance.

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The problem of conveyed material adhering to the conveyor belt, occurs frequently with wet or sticky material, resulting in frequent downtime for maintenance, and clean up, with consequent loss of production.
The problems of belt cleaning have increased in parallel with the development of conveyors of ever increasing lengths, speed and belts widths, necessary to satisfy the need to maximise load capacities.
Therefore, the use of cleaning equipment has become an indispensable requirement to assure general plant efficiency and to reduce the periods of service needed for maintenance.
There has been a notable development of this equipment in recent time for differing reasons: prolonging the life of the conveyor limiting the deterioration of the belt, improving the energy efficiency of the installation,
reducing loss of material thereby increasing the load capacity, eliminating a major cause of wear on the return rollers.

  • Belt cleaners series P for uni-directional belts
  • Belt cleaners series R for reversible belts
  • Belt cleaners series H for reversible and uni-directional belts for tangential applications
  • Belt cleaners series D patented for single directional belts
  • Simple plough cleaners
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